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I did a private infant massage class with my daughter a couple months ago & loved it! Morgan was a little fussy during our class but Jennifer was very patient & we got all we could in and then we went over the rest so I got all the info any ways. We now do it every time I give her a bath & sometimes separately during bed time too. It's super special time to me :)

Becki G.

I absolutely love going to Jennifer's yoga classes! They are small, dynamic, and light-hearted. Because the classes are small, it really allows Jennifer to give you great one on one guidance. I love her Gentle Yoga for relieving mid week work stress, and for some really great deep stretching that makes you feel rejuvenated. But I also really love her Hatha classes that are more energetic. Jennifer has a knack for knowing exactly what each class/student needs. The environment that Jennifer creates allows you to feel comfortable, peaceful and (my favorite) the freedom to giggle when you fall out of your pose. Jennifer has a great calming and loving presence and I am always looking forward to seeing her and taking her classes.


Healing Foundations has changed my life! If you are looking for the best place in Chicago for acupuncture and healing, make an appointment! You will not be disappointed. They have a super user-friendly online booking system as well. I started going to Healing Foundations back in Dec. 2013 for acupuncture. I had a host of issues I was hoping to address - knee pain, back pain, insomnia, anxiety, headaches, etc. I met with Lisa at first and then Revital. After I experienced so much relief physically, mentally, emotionally, I began scheduling weekly appointments with Revital. Each week I look forward to my appointment with her. She is gifted at acupuncture, energy work, Thai massage, and tui na, but I mostly see her for acupuncture and thai massage. She seems to intuitively know what areas I need work on and after each session I am amazed at the changes I experience. The facility itself is warm and inviting. They have a wonderful community of healers and they offer very affordable yoga classes and so many modalities for healing. It always feels like I am visiting friends when I walk in. I just found out I am moving for my job, and I wish I could bring them with me!

Jenny T.

Revital was phenomenal. Made us feel so comfortable and that we had fun but actually learned at the same time. We were saying how much we look forward to using what she taught us for years to come!

S.R. & C.B.

I'm so happy I decided to come in. My back is healing so much faster this time around and I felt such a mental release from my acupuncture! I've been talking about it to everyone.

Kathy F.

Rebecca has been my trusted practitioner for the past 2 years. The success in treating common ailments like the Flu, back pain, sleeplessness - and those more intimate and intricate like fertility - have encouraged me to pursue a holistic approach to health as my body is learning to heal itself. I feel stronger, more energized, and balanced than every before due to Rebecca's treatments. She is incredibly knowledgeable, endlessly curious, and genuinely nurturing. Her efforts - and the results - far exceed and outlast those I've experienced through western medicine channels.

Julia D.

It's a joy to find a healthcare professional who not only provides healing treatments, but helps one understand the body when illness puts it under stress, or out of balance. Lisa Alvarez is just that kind of professional--one who treats the whole patient, not simply a random ailment or two.Through her vast knowledge, I've gained an understanding and respect for traditional Chinese medicine's approach to mind, body, and spirit wellness.Our work together includes a broad range of health issues; from gastrointestinal, to respiratory, sinusitis, to bladder problems--all of which, I'm happy to report are under control.Lisa is that rare person--a practitioner, consultant, and educator. Thank you, Lisa, for all your help and healing ways.

Phyllis S.


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