Licensed acupuncturists Lisa Alvarez and Rebecca Christy Gemperle established Healing Foundations to offer a full range of time-tested traditional Oriental medicine treatments and techniques. All Healing Foundations Acupuncture, Acutherapies, Oriental medicine, Eastern nutrition and education services are provided by licensed, experienced and meticulously trained practitioners. We offer a full range of treatment options, including needle-free acupuncture, in both private and group settings.

Every client relationship at Healing Foundations begins with a thorough evaluation and careful observation to determine the most effective therapies. These in-depth assessments continue throughout the treatment cycle to measure progress and guide therapy choices.

"At first, I thought I was just having a pleasant and unusually thorough conversations with a warm and caring person. By the third session, I realized they were essential to my treatment."
HF Patient

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What people are saying

They made me feel comfortable enough to try acupuncture. Now it's a regular part of my healthcare routine.

I'm better at my job. I sleep better. I've learned how to manage stress and stop my pain.

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