Traditional Oriental medicine regards food as natural healing medicinals that can restore your body's natural balance, eliminate disease and promote health. Eastern nutrition emphasizes the use of whole, organic food in its simplest and most unprocessed form.

Eastern nutrition emphasizes eating grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, seaweed and minerals. It encourages simple food combinations and eating according to the seasons and your particular health conditions.

After extensive consultation, your practitioner can provide you with customized recommendations about the food you eat or should eat to help correct the fundamental cause of your discomfort, not just to relieve the symptoms.

Proper nutrition will help your body operate at its highest potential by meeting all your body's nutritional requirements for your specific lifestyle. Talk to our nutritionist to find out how to feel, look and perform at your best as you go about your day. The recommended food can be found at any local market. There are no exotic items. You may also be asked to limit your intake of chocolate, sugar, meat, eggs, cheese and soft dairy products.

After an hour-long initial visit where you discuss your daily habits, activities and goals, you'll come away with a list of foods to incorporate (and those to avoid), as well as recipes, cooking styles, and tools to help you create healthier habits around eating.

Half hour follow-up visits are important to help keep you on track as we help motivate you and work together toward getting you to achieve your goals. Our goal is to help everyone we can live a happy, healthy life.

Eastern Nutrition Counseling Rates
Initial  $75
Follow Up $40

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Basic Tips

Start your morning with warm water and foods to stimulate digestion for the day

Drink 2 cups of water for each cup of coffee

Avoid high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated fats

Eat a protein, fat and carbohydrate at each meal