Infant Massage Class

"Mothers from all over the world know their babies need to be held, carried, rocked and touched every day. The gentle art of infant massage has been part of baby care-giving traditions passed from parent to child for generations."
- Vimala McClure, author of Infant Massage: A handbook for loving parents.

This class allows parents/caregivers the chance to bond and develop healthy attachment in a meaningful way with their baby. Parents will learn how to ease discomfort; relieve tension; facilitate healthy weight gain; techniques to relax parents and baby. Learn to incorporate loving touch; calming tones and soothing words; communicate good touch and compassion for your baby; helpful hints for specific ailments/conditions (colic and gas, chest and nasal congestion, premature babies); and general massage techniques specifically for babies and their stages of growth.

Parents will need to bring: blanket and baby lotion or plain massage oil - almond or grapeseed oil w/out essential oils. Wear comfortable clothing, as work is done on the mats.

This class is based off of Vimala McClure's book, Infant Massage: A handbook for loving parents. A copy of the book is included in the class fee.

Group Classes are offered quarterly and are $35 per adult and infant.

Private Classes are offered any time and are $70 for both parents, guardians or caregivers and infant.


I did a private infant massage class with my daughter a couple months ago & loved it! Morgan was a little fussy during our class but Jennifer was very patient & we got all we could in and then we went over the rest so I got all the info any ways. We now do it every time I give her a bath & sometimes separately during bed time too. It's super special time to me :)
Becki G


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